Reforestation in La Joya, Peru
The Buro Project area
Reforestation Conservation 3,98 ha

Buro Project creates smart working environments that exude sustainability and increase the well-being of the environment. For example, for every ergonomic office chair sold, they plant a tree for their customers. In addition to their “one chair, one tree” initiative, they also achieved the carbon-neutral label as a company, via CO2logic.

Buro Project is committed to helping to restore the most important work place in the world: the forest. They fulfill this promise through the long-term partnership with Go Forest. They plant a tree for every office chair sold. With this, Go Forest and Buro Project contribute to the recovery of our natural wealth and to a sustainable world. Because Go Forest plants the right tree species in areas where they have the most positive impact on biodiversity, CO2 storage, employment, livelihoods, and local economies.

Up to now: 4000 trees!