Kenya Reforestation Project
Natural Forest Reforestation 1.008,16 ha

Tursasha is a village of approximately 4,000 people located in the Nyandarua County of Kenya. Water runoff from the slopes of Turasha and the rest of the Aberdare Range leads to the river Malewa. The river Malewa then feeds Lake Naivasha, one of the most important lakes in Kenya's tourism, horticulture, and floriculture businesses, and a crucial water source in this semi-arid region. Restoring the forests of Turasha will greatly benefit this interconnected ecosystem.

Owned by the Kenya Agricultural Research Livestock (KALRO), the forest on this land has been largely depleted over time leading to major environmental repercussions on the local community. The Turasha community approached KALRO and Eden in order to reforest, restore, and protect the land. Through the community's request, Eden has partnered with KALRO to gain access to the land and KALRO has agreed to use its land as a protected zone for reforestation.

Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) will focus on hiring the local people near Turasha village to re-forest their region by planting millions of trees. Through the employment of local villagers and the planting of millions of native trees, Eden’s Kenya team will work to restore their environment while lifting the local community out of extreme poverty.

Site Name: Turasha
Village Population: ~4,000
Type of Reforestation: Afromontane / Terrestrial
Planting Area Total: 1,013 ha
Number of trees per hectare: 2,500
Total Planting Capacity: 2,532,500 trees
Land Ownership: Organization (KALRO)
Annual Planting Capacity: 500,000
Total annual commitment: $75,000