Kenya Reforestation Project
Old Kijabe Town Aspiration
Reforestation Conservation 180,1 ha

The Old Kijabe Town reforestation site sits within the Kijabe Forest - a gazetted government forest in Kenya's highlands. This area offers clear land tenure and a commitment by the government to protect and manage the site long-term. It used to have a closed-canopy forest, but the hills and steep slopes are now almost entirely devoid of trees. The forest is an Afromontane highland forest, a globally significant biodiversity hotspot, home to vital species such as monkeys, leopards, hyenas, and birds. It also provides valuable ecosystem services to the communities living near it through water provision, soil stabilization, medicinally important plant species, and spiritually significant sites.

Over the years, the escarpment in this area has been heavily logged and targeted for charcoal production. Because the ridge is so steep, erosion has become a severe issue in the last few years. The plateaus at the escarpment base have become quite dry and have turned into degraded grasslands. These areas are prime candidates for planting acacias and other heat and drought-tolerant species that play essential roles in soil conservation and can also withstand grazing pressure from livestock.

We (Eden) will hire local people to reforest their region by planting Afromontane trees at Old Kijabe Town Aspiration while stimulating economic growth, breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering the community.

Site Name: Old Kijabe Town Aspiration
Type of Reforestation: Afromontane
Original Area: 325 Hectares
Number of Trees per Hectare: 2,500
Total Planting Capacity: 812,500 trees
Land Ownership: Government-owned