Axon Protocol

Neue Geschäftsmodelle für Waldbesitzer

Our solution allows any company to back carbon removal projects and generate yearly carbon offsets tailored to their strategic needs. We see existing European forests as a largely untapped opportunity to increase carbon removal through improved forest management practices.

Innovation: We leverage distributed ledger technology and automate the entire process.
We use hybrid smart-contracts to automatically trigger actions such as issuing offset certificates, payment to forest owners, and risk underwriting based on satellite data input. The data is registered in a public immutable ledger ensuring trust and transparency, leaving no margin for human error or cheating.

Bringing these practices to European forests will: increase carbon removal, increase biodiversity, bring longevity and health to forest ecosystems, and generate additional economic value for the forest owners that does not come from logging.

On the other hand, corporates will be able to generate offsets yearly with impactful projects and do so with ease and trustfully. They are certain to avoid greenwashing due to the transparency of this solution.

We intend on building an infrastructure to incentivize social impact, starting with existing forest carbon removal. Our product will increase carbon removal, increase biodiversity and bring longevity and health to forest ecosystems within the EU. For our initial focus, we target SDG's (13, 15, & 17). This will be expanded as our offerings and services grow.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2022
  • Founding stage: Pre-Seed
  • Field of application: Neue Geschäftsmodelle für Waldbesitzer
  • Approach of your solution: Digitaler Marktplatz