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About us

The Board Academy, part of the Board Partners Group, was founded in 2010 to constantly develop the work of advisory and supervisory boards so as to keep up with changing markets, organisations and governance requirements within the context of entrepreneurial and sociopolitical accountability.

The Board Academy was founded by Guido Happe, Managing Director of Board Partners GmbH, in 2010. His goal was and still is making a contribution to the permanent professionalisation of committee work and enabling the transfer of knowledge. The quality of board work depends on proper mandating, the indispensable understanding of the environment, and the ability to ask the right questions.


Underlying the Board Academy is our mission and experience that, in essence, a successful supervisory or advisory board is distinguished by the following three characteristics: professional qualification, integrity and social responsibility.


We address supervisory boards on the employer as well as the employee side as much as advisory boards, managing directors and members of audit committees.


The Board Academy programme consists of the following modules:

  • Human resources, communication and organisation
  • Reporting, accounting and controlling
  • Risk & compliance
  • Legal
  • Corporate finance, M&As, restructuring
  • Strategy, innovation management, digitalization

Sustainability Platform

Together for a Future of Enkelfähigkeit® – We empower future and active entrepreneurs and business owners, supervisory and advisory board members and executives to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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