EcoTree International

We cultivate a balance between people and forests

We're foresters who love life in the forest and nature is at the heart of what we do. But our secret power comes from our mission to bring everyone with us into the forest. Because the future needs a balance between the needs of human beings and the needs of nature. People need resources like they need wild forests. And with our model, we can ensure both.

We make owning trees simple but the issues are complex

We're all trying to find our way to a greener future. And while we know our tree ownership model is exciting, easy and impactful, the issues around deforestation, climate change and resources are simply not simple. If we're not sure about something, we'll say so. We'll never exaggerate our impact. And we'll share everything we know with you on this journey together.

We are contributing to a bright, green future. Hooray!

Now we mentioned all that heavy stuff, you should know we're an optimistic bunch, passionate about creating change for the planet. Our optimism is serious because we're experts expanding knowledge and involvement in sustainable forestry. We imagined a future where forests are preserved by ordinary people who have a stake in them. And it's working!

We dare you to learn and grow with us

We wouldn't be here if we hadn't dared to just go for it. If we hadn't taken a radical new idea and worked hard to shape it into the successful and exciting model we have for sustainable forestry today. This daring-do attitude is what we'll carry with us into the future of the forest, so we stay innovative, agile and efficient. And a fun movement to be part of!