Greenit Environmental Management Network

GEMN is a non-profit making organisation whose main objective is to create and raise awareness on environmental protection in communities. Our approach is to mentor school learners and the youth on environmental protection activities, who in turn will impact positively the communities in which they live.
We are also aware of the fact that environmental protection will directly have a bearing on climate change in a positive way. Hence, our call for everyone, starting with the learners (students) and the youth to have a full understanding of the significance of protecting the environment from harm as a result of human activities.
In order to achieve our objective, and to be concise in our mission, our Action Plan is anchored on what we refer to as the SCHOOL GREEN CLUBS. Through these clubs, learners are mentored on environmental protection. Various activities are undertaken such as tree planting, waste management skills, smart agricultural practices, smart energy sources and production, etc.
We believe that as learners graduate from primary and secondary schools, they will have attained environmental leadership skills, and will definitely contribute to helping others understand the need to protect the environment for their sustainable livelihoods and that of the generations to come.