Go Forest

Go Forest is a CO2logic and South Pole partner and wants to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think, but act in a future-oriented way. Go Forest guides them through every step of the way: from seed to tree.


Forests slow down climate change and are the most important reservoir of biodiversity. Unfortunately, deforestation is a key contributor to human-caused climate change and weighs heavily on our planet. That’s why Go Forest does not focus solely on biodiversity but also aims to bring about behavioral changes to tackle the root causes of soil and deforestation problems.

Go Forest organizes projects around reforestation, as well as agroforestry and mangrove planting in Peru (Amazon), Congo, Armenia, Madagascar, and Belgium. So, not only do the projects supply our planet with new trees, but they ensure that the right trees grow in the right regions, and will be maintained. This way it is certain the trees support local communities with their livelihood and create additional jobs. The trees are planted in the regions where they are needed the most, where they have the greatest impact and support many SDGs. That’s what matters!


We need leaders to lead us to a greener world: organizations, associations, cities etc. Leaders who want to set an example, who want to have an impact on their environment. Go Forest offers different possibilities to make a business greener, taking into consideration the company’s current situation and goals. Go Forest wants to be the most achievable next/first step in a company's climate journey.

For companies sponsoring the projects, Go Forest uses blockchain timestamps, to register the actions and ambitions, and this map-based platform which delivers cloud-free satellite images of the project. Via a dashboard, Go Forest demonstrates companies' actions in a transparent way on the map. The satellite platform allows to show results, but also to measure impact thanks to a company's contribution. These initiatives are important since claims about sustainable business are only credible if they are easily verifiable

With its own application, Go Forest aims to map the impacts of the planted trees for some projects. The database in which the photos of all the trees are stored is encoded in the blockchain. Indelible, and very difficult to copy or manipulate. Each tree has a unique ID and unique GPS coordinates. None of the trees planted by Go Forest, anywhere in the world, is assigned to more than one company or one person. Through personal access, companies can see the trees and assign them to employees or customers. Companies know exactly how much impact their trees are making.