How we operate

We focus on a simple and forward-thinking process. We ensure the highest quality through every step of the value chain. We maximize impact for nature and all key stakeholders. Our operating partner SouthPole, the largest climate project developer in the world, has a team of +150 people in Colombia, providing best-in-class operations and infrastructure to develop our project. We offer you the opportunity to invest money that earns a high interest rate through the sale of carbon credits or, as an offtaker, you can also purchase credits through us.

We identify land in need of restoration

With roughly 25 million hectares suitable for restoration, Colombia offers highly favorable conditions for carbon removal projects. Additionally, Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, making it an ideal candidate for our first restoration project.

Leveraging the expertise of South Pole and its local team in Colombia, we take a multitude of social, governmental, ecological, legal and other country-specific factors into consideration to identify secure, high-quality pieces of land suitable for restoration, and assisted natural regeneration in particular.

We restore nature, applying Assisted Natural Regeneration

Assisted natural regeneration (ANR) is one of the most efficient natural climate solutions (NCS) to mitigate climate change and restore biodiversity.

ANR refers to any set of interventions that aims to enhance and accelerate the natural regeneration of native forests, such as protection against disturbances or enrichment planting. ANR takes advantage of natural regrowth processes which ensures that the established plant community is well adapted to the site conditions and has high durability.

This results in a more diverse, multilayered vegetative cover than from typical reforestation involving the planting of a limited number of species. This diversity enhances habitat quality for local wildlife and environmental stability.

We certify projects to the highest standards

In cooperation with South Pole, we certify our projects with the highest standards, laying the foundation to turn our greenhouse gas emission removals into tradable carbon credits. After an initial project assessment, validation and verification, our projects will be monitored on a regular basis (yearly or bi-yearly).

In addition to the GHG-crediting program, we will verify our projects through further programs, validating the positive impact on climate change mitigation, biodiversity and local communities.

We aim to certify our first projects through VCS and CCBS standards.

We sell carbon credits, generating sound returns

Once the carbon credits are emitted, we sell them through our international network of brokers, private clients or national carbon markets. We apply a multi-channel approach to mitigate market volatility and optimize returns.

We manage returns

Through regular cash flows from the sale of our carbon credits, we provide sound financial returns to our investors.

Our projects go beyond carbon capture

We drive positive climate impact through CO2 absorption. Our first project aims to capture more than +1.0 mil. tCO2 eq in 15 years. We boost biodiversity through the regeneration of ecosystems, rebirth of wild animal and plant species, enrichment of soil and water qualities. We aim for the highest international certification standards with VCS and CCBS.

Meet the team

We are an international and diverse team of financial and investing professionals, entrepreneurs and carbon project development experts united by our vision to restore nature and protect biodiversity at scale.