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Participant in the Forests Forward program since January 2021 and currently in the performance phase. In this phase, the organization and WWF are jointly implementing agreed action plans and demonstrating progress towards the intended outcomes and impacts.
The aim of the project is to promote a model of cohabitation of different stakeholders within the same landscape through a holistic approach, ensuring that forestry activities are able to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits, ensuring ecosystem integrity and the sustainable wellbeing of local communities.
Action Area
Improving Forest & Plantations Management
This action area pertains to the management of forest resources, be it natural forests or plantations, for specific impacts (e.g. protection of watersheds, wildlife habitats, reducing illegal logging, etc.). Credible forest certifications are encouraged to be used as a verification tool for improvements. Show more
Summary of engagement
This project aims to transform a degrading rural landscape into a more resilient landscape through the training and empowerment of local communities in a more efficient land use management model. This will guarantee protection and restoration of protected forest areas, develop new forest-based businesses, and improve the food security and food diversity of local communities. Additionally, an integrated, inclusive and transparent dialogue platform that allows participatory management at a landscape scale will be developed.
Impact Areas
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Forest cover
Poverty reduction and livelihood