Organization project stage @ NOAH Zurich

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The project stage aims to facilitate investments and funding towards impactful projects restoring and protecting nature. It is a carefully curated project portfolio - only projects with meaningful and verifiable climate, biodiversity, and social targets will be featured.

In this space, projects will:

  • Share their story;
  • Define the capital needs required to scale;
  • Present the expected social, economic, and environmental returns.

Climate is high on the agendas of corporations and businesses, and so is tree-planting. The carbon offsetting market space is booming; there are a lot of offsetting businesses and tech companies working on the demand or verification side. But there are problems on the supply side – too few projects of integrity that are difficult to find. Projects also struggle to find an effective avenue to communicate and demonstrate their vision and impact directly to potential funders.

Let’s work together to change this!

More information on the project stage at the NOAH Conference Zurich can be found here