The Tree Assessment module in Petiole Pro is an AI-based mobile-first solution that can accurately measure tree diameter at breast height, individual tree height and crown diameter, which are key parameters of tree health. This is more accurate than traditional methods, such as a tape measure, clinometer or Blume-Leiss Altimeter, and it is mobile-first, so users can measure trees from a distance.
We consider at least four ecological and environmental benefits of the Tree Assessment module in Petiole Pro.
First, it can help to improve the health of forests. For example, the module can identify stressed or dying trees, which can help foresters to take steps to prevent the spread of diseases or pests.
Second, it can be used to monitor the growth of trees over time. This can help foresters to identify areas where trees are not growing as well as they should be.
Third, it can help to identify areas for reforestation. The module can help foresters to identify areas where trees have been lost, and where reforestation is needed.
Finally, since the Tree Assessment module provides insights about the parameters used for assessment of carbon sequestration, the module can help with more accurate assessment of the amount of carbon that is being sequestered by trees, which can help to quantify the benefits of reforestation.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2017
  • Founding stage: Startup Stage
  • Field of application: Digitalisierung
  • Approach of your solution: Decision Support System