Strong by Form

At Strong by Form we bring the logic of advanced composite materials to the world of timber. Our Woodflow technology combines material science with the latest optimization tools and digital fabrication techniques to create freeform high-performance lightweight wood based shells with a weight-to-strength ratio that challenges any other timber technology. This allows us to replace structural materials like steel, concrete, and aluminum in industries such as construction and automotive. Also, our highly optimized process is capable of saving 75% of the trees required to produce the same structural performance when compared to cross-laminated timber. Furthermore, Woodflow freeform capabilities makes wood eligible for new uses in a myriad of industries.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2018
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Neue Holznutzung
  • Approach of your solution: Neue Materialien und Komposite