Tesoros Verdes

Collective Tesoros Verdes is a family initiative , the ppial objective is to weave natural and cultural heritage from different scales (tree, grove, forest, ecosystem, landscape) to generate relationships and reflections between citizen and nature (with tree as a root) , human collective and urban forest community; The urbanites and urban flora, fauna and water systems that support the city and urban Landscape.
Tesoros Verdes is seen as a promoter of conscious beings who experience and live the importance of link between themselves and their environment, being replicating seeds of this purpose, creating, protecting and recovering tree, groves and forests on our cities.
our mission as a Collective of Professionals who work towards a conscious relationship between human beings and their environment, with special attention to urban and rural trees and forests, generating experiences that give new meaning to the relationship and bond between people , trees, forests, water and nature.