Vale das Lobas

Vale das Lobas is a holistic model for rural regeneration, with a mission to reawaken our connection with nature. The objectives are to restore health, revitalize community and regenerate biodiversity. In this model we work in Partnership with Nature, build around Nature Tourism, Natural Medicine, Natural Building, Natural Farming and Nature Crafting.

We are at a turning point in human evolution, and many people are now searching to reconnect with ancestral tradition and with nature.
Throughout Southern Europe, rural landscapes have become abandoned. Land that for centuries was well managed is now degraded. In many villages, only the elderly remain to take care of the farms; the final custodians of an old tradition. Vale das Lobas intents to revitalise the economy with nature-based enterprises around tourism, that encourages a return to rural living, and creates opportunities for people to thrive in harmony with nature. This model could be successfully applied in many depopulated rural areas.

The development of Vale das Lobas includes a nature spa hotel, restaurant, camping park, artisan village, regenerative farm and biodiversity park. It offers inspirational experiences in Well-Being and Discovery. Visitors will experience deep relaxation and renewal, and will want to return again and again... for retreats, events, courses, conferences and discovery experiences.

Vale das Lobas is located in the village of Sobral Pichorro (Fornos de Algodres - Portugal), close to the Serra da Estrela mountains and has good accessibility with air, road and rail connections.