Big Fig - Kenya Landscape Demo

The Big Fig planting site lies along a steep escarpment that forms the Great Rift Valley's eastern edge. It's located on a flat plateau in the middle of the escarpment. Deforested a long time ago and suffering from significant erosion that washed away the fertile topsoil, the plateau has been taken over by only a few species of woody shrubs. The planting in this area is to reintroduce native, primary forest species in this planting area. These tree species are medicinally and culturally significant to the communities living in this area and will restore habitat for forest antelopes, monkeys, leopards, and other animals once found here.

Planting in this area will focus on increasing biodiversity through enrichment planting. Enrichment planting will focus on using seed balls to re-establish the seed bank in the soil, farmer-managed natural regeneration, and traditional seedlings. The goal is reintroducing primary forest canopy species that provide valuable ecosystem services and habitat for wildlife. The severely eroded areas will require dense planting of seedlings to help quickly stabilize soil through root structures and re-creating topsoil from leaf litter.

Our planting teams for Big Fig live in the adjacent community and currently have very few full-time employment opportunities. Planting and monitoring in this area will help provide regular income allowing people to save, invest, and plan, reducing pressure on the forest.

Site Name: Big Fig
Total Population: 2,000
Type of Reforestation: Afromontane Forest
Overall Site Size: 213 Hectares
Number of Trees per Hectare: 2,500
Total Planting Capacity: 852,000
Land Ownership: Government-owned
Year 1 Planting Commitment: 100,000 - 500,000
Total Annual Commitment: $15,000 - $75,000