Chimborazo: Planting native trees and protecting biodiversity
Acción Andina
Acción Andina is a Latin-American led, large-scale, forest restoration initiative, which aims to restore one million hectares of threatened high Andean, Polylepis forest in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela over the next 25 years. Internationally supported by non-profits Global Forest Generation and ECOAN, local conservation organizations partner with rural and indigenous communities to bring back native forests, mainly for water security and climate resilience.
Andean Adventures
Andean Adventure is a private company dedicated to adventure tourism, in a responsible and sustainable way, made up of John Paredes, Alexandra Calero and Cassandra Paredes, who lead the reforestation project together with a group of collaborators since 2019.
Global Forest Generation
Global Forest Generation​ (​ GFG), founded in 2018 as a US-based non-profit, is the lead strategic partner of ​Acción Andina​ ​and provides technical, management and finance mobilization support to bring the initiative to scale. GFG serves as the main partner for donors, investors and the conservation and development community: it insures quality, long-term sustainability, and effective implementation during all project phases and also provides key communication and reporting capacities.