CV Loreto Agroforestry

Protect, regenerate and understand the biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon. The Amazon Regeneration program is about making reforestation tangible.

Our partner farmers are part of a growing supply-chain enterprise implementing the strategies that work to restore the Amazon while improving livelihoods for families and communities. This program spreads seedlings and training and connects farmers to markets throughout the Peruvian Amazon, helping establish robust regenerative supply chains.

About the Center

  • In the northeast corner of Peru, Loreto is a vast region larger than Ecuador.
  • Base of operations: Iquitos, the regional capital and the largest city on Earth that is not connected to the rest of the world by road.
  • Primary impact area located in the basin of the Ampiyacu River, in the buffer zone of the Ampiyacu-Apayacu Regional Conservation Area.

CV Loreto Highlights

  • 5 native communities and 1 mestizo community participating to date.
  • 106 families participating.
  • 53 hectares total (132 acres) reforested by participating families with diverse polyculture agroforestry systems, rosewood focus with over 40 tree species total.
  • 53 hectares total (132 acres) of primary and secondary forest under conservation management by participating families.
  • Home to CV’s native tree nursery partner Mi Amazonas, producing tens of thousands of seedlings of 40 species each year.
  • CV’s second distillation workshop, registered with Peru’s Forest Authority as a Primary Transformation Center, located in Iquitos.
  • CV’s only Center without its own land base: all CV Loreto activities are carried out in the territory and on the farms of our community partners.