Minnesota 2021- Chippewa Forest Restoration Planting

Most sites are planted to conifers. Some are enhanced with oak species. Sites that get planted will have had mechanical site prep completed, if needed. Planting will be followed up with a regime of stocking and survival surveys, animal damage control, and release, as needed, to ensure these sites are re-established to forest cover.

Large red and white pines on the Chippewa National Forest also make excellent eagle nesting sites. The Chippewa supports one of the highest breeding densities of American bald eagles in the continental United States. People often make a special trip to the Chippewa to observe bald eagles. Restoring pine stands will ensure that bald eagles continue to have nesting habitat on the Chippewa into the future.

Restoration of these pine stands is critical to wildlife that depend on them, recreationists that enjoy them, and a timber industry that creates hundreds of local jobs. The Ojibwa community living on the Leech Lake Reservation also has a bond with these forests.