Reforestation in Europe
Cabragh House Wood project in England (site 1)
Reforestation 3,91 ha

Contributions by B.I.G. Yarns
The woodland is part of a much larger block of woodland in the South Downs National Park on a prominent slope along one edge of a shallow valley. The project wants to replace diseased trees with an improved mix of native species with high wildlife benefits. A public right of way runs through part of the stand allowing users to enjoy the developing new woodland.

Before, there was a composition of predominantly ash with some oak, beech, and field maple. The ash trees were either dead or dying due to ash dieback disease and were felled before the complete collapse of the stand.

Now, 1660 new trees are nursed in the Cheviot Trees nursery. The plantation started in the planting season of Winter 2022-2023 and continues throughout 2023. The trees are planted in a random mixture within rows of 3mx2m (e,g: tree species mix, rows,…).

The soil preparation activities exist of mulching the brash, and the stumps of sick/dead trees are being left in situ to provide habitats for wildlife (invertebrates, fungi). Lastly, a mulcher will be tracked to alleviate ground compaction

The tree species:

  • Quercus robur
  • Sorbus terminals
  • Prunus avium
  • Carpinus betulus
  • Tilia cordata
  • Acer campestre

Altitude (m): 100m
Type of soil: Clay with flints over chalk