Rwanda - Kula Project

Kula Project, in partnership with the communities and with volunteer labor from community members, plan to build three seedling nurseries in three regions of Rwanda to house and cultivate approximately 33,000 coffee tree seedlings each for a total of 100,000 coffee trees.

The coffee seedlings that are distributed will be planted, grown, and maintained by the farmers who receive them, and these trees, upon maturation, can provide a sustainable income for up to 30 years. Throughout the time it takes the coffee seedlings to grow and mature, farmers will receive comprehensive agronomy training so that they have the technical skills and knowledge to maintain their trees in the most beneficial way for their businesses and their environment.

Cultivating coffee under shade trees benefits both the farmers and the environment. While sun-grown coffee produces higher yields, and subsequently gives the farmers a higher profit, it has an adverse affect on the ecosystem and on coffee quality. Shade grown coffee combines planting shade trees on coffee farms, both mitigating the effects of climate change and replenishing the soil in which the coffee trees are planted.