Promoting Sustainable Private Forest Land Use


Stora Enso and WWF Finland are working together to create positive impacts within Finland's forest sector and creating a future in which:

  • The ecological sustainability of forestry is enhanced in Finland and internationally
  • Continuous cover forestry is promoted in Finland
  • FSC certification is more widely used, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of forests more effectively
    Through participation in the Forests Forward platform, there are opportunities to have positive impacts to these targets through promotion of conservation and sustainable use of forests, including alternative harvesting practices, among private forest owners.

Scope of Work

Stora Enso aims to promote conservation and sustainable use of forests among private forest owners in Finland. By communicating the benefits of the continuous forest cover logging method, the voluntary forest protection programme METSO, and water protection best practices to private forest owners, the project can help ensure that forestry is ecologically sustainable in Finland. Stora Enso's engagement with Forest Forward builds off of 20+ years of collaboration and projects with WWF in Finland and Russia. During the preparatory phase, project monitoring framework and goals, including the number of smallholders to be engaged and communication methods to be utilized, will be finalized.