Forest Landscape Restoration in the Atlantic Rainforest


The Atlantic Forest ranks among the top 5 global biodiversity hotspots, in which 433 species of trees can be found in one hectare and respectively 7% and 5% of Earth’s total plant and vertebrate species are found. This tropical rainforest area generates 75% of Brazil’s GDP, and is the source of drinking water for 60% of the country’s population, but has lost almost 90% of its historic forest cover. The biome provides one of the most important opportunities for forest landscape restoration in the world.

Scope of Work

The aim of the engagement is to co-create projects and initiatives, in partnership with the private sector, local NGOs, communities and clients, to scale up forest landscape restoration and promote innovation in the Atlantic Rainforest. New opportunities for investment to upscale forest landscape restoration beyond supply chains and boarders, including bankable projects, co-investments, and institutional arrangements, will be identified and implemented in the landscape. Communities and smallholders will be directly engaged in protecting, restoring and enhancing areas of degraded and damaged rainforest, prioritizing areas that connect existing forest fragments, creating larger contiguous forest areas and biodiversity corridors. A long term vision for biodiversity conservation in the landscape will also be developed, including strengthening protected areas and building capacity for protection and monitoring.

To leverage all of these initiatives, Ecofuturo Institute will work together with Suzano to promote the consolidation of protected areas through engaging local communities and developing tools for protection and monitoring of natural areas.