Atlantic Forest Restoration: Mogi Guaçu River basin


The Mogi Guaçu River basin spans over 12,000 square kilometers in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais in southeast Brazil. Its main rivers are the Mogi Guaçu, Peixe, and Jaguari-Mirim. Today, native Atlantic Forest vegetation only covers about 2,000 square kilometers (16%) of the basin.

Loss of forest cover in the region has contributed to severe drought, impacting both supply of drinking water to population centers and industry that relies on stable water flow.

Scope of Work

WWF and Sylvamo are mapping priority parcels to restore in the Mogi Guaçu River basin, convening a multistakeholder group to align on the restoration vision and establishing partnerships with local NGOs and landowners to begin implementation. Building on these fundamental pieces of a landscape restoration process, Sylvamo is kicking off implementation by directly supporting the first 250 acres of restoration.