28 December 2023
by WeForest
Seedlings galore!

Around 77,000 seedlings have been distributed and planted across 145 households already in the new Butiama Hills project's agroforestry programme, putting us well on track to reach 1600 families by the end of the project. The seedlings needed for the woodlots and agroforestry plots were raised in the Butiama nursery. Before receiving their seedlings, the participating famers were trained in how the use of horizontal and vertical space is optimized, how crops are planted and harvested at different times, how trees and crops grown together can improve nutrients in the soil, and how natural fertilizer can be mixed on site and used. The farmers also learn how the diversity of agroforestry protects crops from devastating pests and disease outbreaks, provides a diversity of food throughout the year, and has better yields than conventional agriculture.