Africa GreenTec AG

Africa GreenTec is a German social enterprise which empowers people in the Global South to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. With our sustainable system solution we build ImpactSites, in which entire village communities in rural areas are equipped and empowered with electricity and modern technologies. We have rethought electricity and developed an intelligent system that can withstand the harsh conditions of off-grid regions in Africa and even exceed modern European standards. We rely on an extensive portfolio of products and service solutions such as state-of-the-art solar energy, smart meter technology, cooling systems, water treatment and internet access. Africa GreenTec's systems are operated through subsidiaries or sold to project partners.

As a company in the field of social entrepreneurship, we build on the three pillars of sustainability - social, ecological and economic. This means that we are a for profit company, but the positive impact of our work is clearly in the spotlight.