Árbol y Vida

Árbol y Vida seeks to improve the quality and quantity of native forests in Jujuy, Argentina. It is composed of teachers, students and other volunteers who are highly motivated to care for the natural environment. The Organization was inspired by the doctoral thesis of Agricultural Engineer David Ezequiel Medina, who in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, reforested 2,100 Polylepis trees. Árbol y Vida’s mission is to mitigate the ecological imbalances caused by deforestation

Accion Andina Projects
In partnership with Acción Andina, Árbol y Vida is committed to ensuring the sustainability of Jujuy’s natural resources. It is equally committed to improving local livelihoods through effective conservation stewardship so that people live in equality, dignity and in harmony with nature. Currently the are working on reforestation activities in the Yala, Hornaditas, Santa Catalina, Tumbayá, Maimara and Tilcara localities.

Project Leaders
David Ezequiel Medina - Presidente de Arbol y Vida
Agostina Valdiviezo - Sub-coordinadora de Arbol y Vida