Madagascar is one of the most special countries when we talk about biodiversity. The country developed its own ecosystem and magnificent wildlife since it split from the African continent about 160 million years ago. Approximately 95% of Madagascar reptiles, 89% of its plant life and 92% of its mammals exist nowhere else on Earth.

However, Madagascar has faced many challenges in the last decades and the country is in a critical posture.

  • 77,4% of the Malagasy population lives under the poverty line
  • 87% of the Malagasy population have problems to access electricity
  • 30% of the Malagasy population have access to drinkable water
  • 10% of the primary forest remains intact
  • 95% of the lemurs (that we can’t find anywhere else) are threatened of extinction
  • In 2021, the UN declared the first famine due a 100% to climate change …

At Bôndy, we believe that in order to reforest Madagascar effectively, we must analyze and address the causes of deforestation. Undeniably, the main reason of deforestation here, is due to human activity.
The rural populations are living by following cultural traditions passed from generation to generation. However, some of these ways of living have been proven to be harmful in the long term.

Our model consists on supporting the communities on environmental consciousness and there is no better way than by doing projects hand-in-hand with them directly.
We therefore developed a model where we plant on farmer lands high value species that will bring economic and environmental benefits for the local populations. Our technical team, containing different engineers provides formation on new agricultural approaches that are cost effective and sustainable. The process lasts 5 years (until the trees reach their maturity).
By doing so, we also create substitute to the remaining primary forests and therefore protect the treasure of the country.

Moreover, we also propose a mangrove project to tackle different challenges but aims to contribute to our mission of greening Madagascar. This project will help a village of climatic migrant to have a more sustainable source of revenue. Madagascar is home to 2% of the worldwide mangroves but the deforestation rate is terrifying (in the region we plant, the mangrove forest suffered a 34% loss from 1990 to 2000.)

Planting a tree isn’t complicate, however, growing a tree is a complex process that requires concrete actions for a long-term efficiency.

Bôndy’s model can only work effectively if we manage to grow in all the 23 regions of Madagascar. Indeed, the situation is critical, and we need to create together big impacts.

Join our mission, it’s only together that we will make Madagascar Green Again!!