Complex Earth Limited

Complex Earth is a greentech startup that develops SaaS to support the implementation and management of regenerative nature-based solutions in agriculture, forestry and the built environment.

Our mission is to close the knowledge gap for ecological regeneration and allow massive scaling of regenerative techniques and nature-based solutions (NBS) globally.

In the forestry sector our technology delivers two things:

1. AI-derived decision support for the design and implementation of biodiverse afforestation (for protection of native species, but also for creation of climate change resilient forestry).

Our systems use a range of geographical, climatic and botanical datasets, physics engines, machine learning and other advanced heuristics to create accurate spatial models of nature based solutions. Interrelationships between trees, crops and animals are accurately mapped and modelled at real locations in real time to decimeter accuracy. The technology optimises the relationships between plants and animals in 3D space according to core regenerative principles and the contributing science.

2. High-resolution digital twinning of complex ecological systems to facilitate decentralised and automated management, monitoring and validation of biodiverse afforestation.

Implementing nature-based solutions necessitates a way to plan and manage real on-the-ground projects through time. Planting, harvesting, pruning, and monitoring health, yields and impacts are all activities that take place through the seasons and years over the lifetime of the plants and the project.

Complex Earth is more than a tool for the planning and optimization of plants in 3D space, it is also a dynamic digital twin of those plants and that space, and can provide all of the instructions and information needed for the management of an ecosystem through time.

The Complex Earth system delivers a custom set of instructions, growth predictions, models and visualisations unique to a specific project. It possesses geo-located information about all of the plants in a space, can receive information about the current state and health of the plants, can anticipate their needs, and express this as instructions to the land stewards who are caring for them.

Delivery is multi-channel. It can be delivered as a static or dynamic website, a PDF file, a mobile app with VR overlay capabilities, or as an integration with existing industry specific Landscape Management tools.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2021
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Digitalisierung
  • Approach of your solution: Decision Support System