ClimateNuts GmbH

What is ClimateNuts?

Many food companies struggle to meet their sustainability goals. Climate Nuts supports these innovators with nature-positive supply chains based on food forests, solar energy and fair trade. With ClimateNuts food companies meet future regulations and growing market demand for sustainable products.

Tree planting

Together with smallholders in remote villages in Africa, we plant forests exactly where they used to disappear. These forests provide food and income for people, shelter for wildlife and they help to preserve the Earth’s climate.

Our partners

Africa’s smallholder farmers are our most important cooperation partners. They grow nature-positive products, we invest in seeds, grant fair loans and ensure that the harvest grows year after year.

Local processing

Worldwide, 400 million tonnes of cashews are produced every year, well over half of which come from Africa. However, only a fraction is processed in Africa. The same applies to other products. We process directly on site, create jobs and will invest in solar energy for processing in the future.

Climate neutral transport

Conventional cashews from Africa are transported halfway around the globe to be processed in Vietnam. We reduce the sea journey by 80 per cent and the forests we plant absorb more CO₂ than the transport emits.

##What do we want to achieve?
Food forests create life on land and the sun provides us with the energy to do our work. This changes everything. We put CO₂ back into the ground and protect the climate, we ensure healthy food and fight poverty, jobs are created and everyone gets fair opportunities.

What does this mean for our customers?

You enjoy with pleasure the great treats that nature gives us. You’re bringing back forests and wildlife. You’re helping the climate and the people of Africa. And it tastes delicious! 😃