Conservation Connect

Are you a conservationist trying to get that critical funding to get your project off the ground? Or are you a grantmaker wondering how to find those jewels, those passionate conservationists with ‘fire in the belly’ that usually operate under the radar?

Conservation Connect gives donors an overview of former grant winners and shortlisted projects worldwide. You can use the site to quickly look up an applicant, see a summary of their work, references and achievements and see who is currently funding them. You can also contribute to the overview with your own supported projects, getting insights into your grant allocation.

For conservationists, this platform is a central place to present projects in a professional way. Easy to use and accessible from everywhere, you can use Conservation Connect to gather references from donors, show pictures and tell your story. You can also find other conservationists that work on the same species, ecosystem or topic, and connect with them!

Conservation Connect focuses on the local, boots-on-the-ground conservation organizations, giving them a chance to enhance their visibility and credibility.