The CSRC (Community and Social Responsibility Coalition) is an organization dedicated to promoting social justice, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment. Founded on the principles of non-violence, mutual respect, empathy, and solidarity, CSRC works towards creating a more just and equitable society.

Key components of CSRC's mission and approach include:

Social Justice and Environmental Justice: CSRC advocates for fair treatment and opportunities for all individuals and communities, regardless of factors such as class, caste, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or beliefs. Additionally, the organization opposes the exploitation and degradation of the environment in the name of development, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and stewardship of natural resources.

Non-violence: CSRC believes in the power of peaceful campaigns and social movements to effect positive change in society. Violence is rejected as a means of addressing social issues, and the organization promotes constructive dialogue and collective action as alternatives.

Simplicity and Mutual Respect: CSRC encourages members, partners, and employees to lead simple and modest lifestyles characterized by respect for all individuals. Respect is considered a fundamental aspect of democratic relations, and CSRC works to ensure that it is upheld in all interactions.

Empathy and Solidarity: CSRC stands in solidarity with marginalized individuals, families, and communities, advocating for their rights and actively working to address injustices they face. The organization emphasizes empathy as a driving force behind its commitment to social justice and inclusivity.

Self-reliance and Interreliance: CSRC promotes self-reliance among individuals, families, and communities while recognizing the importance of positive interdependence. Cooperation and collaboration are seen as essential for progress, and CSRC works to foster relationships built on mutual support and equality.

Value-driven Results: CSRC is dedicated to achieving tangible results that align with its core values. The organization believes in the possibility of creating alternative models to the status quo and strives for excellence and quality in all endeavors.

Overall, CSRC's approach is holistic, addressing social, environmental, and economic issues through a lens of justice, solidarity, and empowerment. By mobilizing communities, advocating for change, and implementing sustainable practices, CSRC works towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world for all.