Camino Verde

Camino Verde is a non-profit organization registered in Peru and in United States since 2007.

Our Primary Objectives:
•To protect, regenerate and understand the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon and other landscapes.
•To actively ally in support of indigenous rights, autonomy, and wisdom.
•To build sustainable ways of life and catalyze fair, regenerative development.

CV at a glance:
•Over 200,000 trees planted
•Representing over 400 tree species
•In 2 departments of the Peruvian Amazon: Madre de Dios & Loreto
•Direct Impact Area: 305 hectares (759 acres)

Executive Summary Impact Statistics:
•Implementation: 118 hectares (294 acres) reforested to date in 2 regions of the Peruvian Amazon
•Biodiversity: 663 species of plants and trees to date, planted and registered in our Living Seed Bank
•Participation: 106 Amazonian families from 5 native communities, growing over 40,000 trees with Camino Verde
•Conservation: 134 hectares (334 acres) of primary rainforest under active conservation and 53 hectares (132 acres) of secondary forest under community-managed restoration
•Regeneration: 2 native tree nurseries producing 50,000 seedlings a year, representing over 100 native species each year
•Direct Impact Area: 305 hectares (759 acres)