EarthLungs Reforestation Foundation

EarthLungs Reforestation Foundation is a community of forest-focused Not for Profit Organization that leverages on communities living around and adjacent to public gazetted forests under the management of KFS (Kenya Forest Service). We partner with Community Forest Associations (CFAs) desirous to rehabilitate, reforest, conserve, and restore degraded forest land to healthy indigenous forest ecosystems.

Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Without trees on earth, human beings would not survive but without human beings, trees would still survive on earth abundantly. Trees absorb almost all the carbon dioxide emitted by man and man's activities including but not limited to manufacturing, agriculture and transportation. Global warming is directly attributed to the loss of forest cover and increased emissions. Protecting the lungs of the earth (trees) is the only sure way of reversing global warming and defending the world's biodiversity.


  • To encourage and promote growing of trees as a lifestyle.
  • To raise awareness on the dangers of deforestation.
  • To mobilize resources for the expansion of woodland.
  • To monitor and support communal afforestation efforts.

Our Aim

To adopt degraded public forest areas under the jurisdiction of Kenya Forest Service and working with Forest Adjacent Communities (FAC) & Indigenous People (IP), facilitate, supervise and manage the planting, growing, protecting and conserving of 500 million indigenous trees and 50 million agroforestry trees by 2032 using our Decent Wages for Decent Lives for Decent Forests model.


A world where forest ecosystems are protected through sustainable co-existence with Indigenous People (IP) and Forest Adjacent Communities (FAC).


“Our Mission is to rehabilitate, reforest, conserve and protect degraded public forest land back to healthy indigenous forest ecosystems while improving livelihoods"


  • To mutually collaborate with Kenya Forest Service in forest rehabilitation activities towards the achievement of a forest cover of at least 30% of the land area of Kenya by 2032 as envisioned by the President of the Republic of Kenya.
  • To engage indigenous People and Forest Adjacent Communities in organized landscape restoration covering 125,000 hectares of public forests under the jurisdiction of Kenya Forest Service.
  • To train and employ 15,000 Forest Adjacent Community members to be custodians of their own forests by 2025.
  • To plant, grow, protect and nurture cumulatively a total of 500 million trees in public degraded forest areas, and a total of 50 million agroforestry trees over a 10-year period in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
  • To offer sustainable green jobs for a minimum of 5 years to 35,000 women and youth living adjacent to public forests by 2032.
  • To amplify and sustain climate change campaign against deforestation using various main stream and social media platforms.