Forest Restoration Agency

The Forest Restoration Agency was founded by Mbaarak Abdalla in 2018 in Kenya with a goal to plant a billion trees, restore and protect a million hectares of nature and create sustainable livelihoods in conservation. Today, we are an active global network of scientists, practitioners and conservationists with a higher vision to work across countries and cultures to address the complex, inter-related impacts of humans and industrial society on the planet.
Through our work planting trees, restoring ecosystems and engaging communities in nature conservation, we are aiming to mitigate climate change, extinction, biodiversity loss, deforestation, human wildlife conflicts, disease, poverty, food security and water security.

Collaborating across countries and cultures in service to nature.
Restore and protect nature while creating sustainable livelihoods for communities across Africa.
Restore and protect a million hectares of nature.
Engage communities in ecosystems management.
Deliver education & training to build long-term capacity.
Provide sustainable livelihoods in nature conservation.