AngloAmerican Impact Finance Network

Together with our partners, Impact Capital Africa and Edge Growth, we’re identifying innovative, impactful businesses with operations in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia; and bringing together a network of sustainable investors who are seeking social investment opportunities.

The IFN focuses on overcoming the barriers that prevent the flow of capital from investors to businesses

Many businesses have the potential to grow, scale and deliver sustainable social and environmental impact. But entrepreneurs don’t always know if their businesses meet the criteria for impact investment, or they lack the knowledge and experience to prepare their business and present these opportunities to potential investors.

Who is the IFN for?

Businesses seeking investment, and support to prepare for investment and meeting investors;

Investors seeking a pipeline of investment-ready opportunities in our target geographies

Investors or businesses who are in the process of advancing with an investment transaction, but need technical assistance or support to close the deal.