We provide the digital infrastructure to close the funding gap in nature restoration (700 Bn $/year). We built a platform that channels investments (30M€ by 2027) from the private sector into landscapes via land-users, i.e., farmers and foresters. Our solution offers certified, transparent, and regional natural capital projects that holistically and systemically tackle the twin crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change. We don’t stop at carbon sequestration, like many of our competitors, but look at ecosystems holistically, implementing measures at landscape level. We are currently validating our product with farmers, who are being compensated for implementing measures that increase structural and ecological diversity on their farms. We are keen to involve foresters as soon as possible – one pilot region is set out to focus on forestry – empowering them to adapt their forest management systems to risks associated with climate change and biodiversity loss. Our standard is co-developed with NABU Germany, the highest ranked biodiversity NGO aiming at making investments bulletproof against greenwashing for businesses, equipping them with strong KPIs to share in their reporting or communication. Our product is distinctive in its scalability due to its digital character.

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2023
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Biodiversität
  • Approach of your solution: Digitales Betriebsmanagement