Madagascar Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development


The Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development's mission is to ensure the protection and enhancement of our environment, as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also responsible for initiating environmental programs based on the General State Policy. This entity is formed by the Government Representative, through the Minister who plans all the work of sustainable development and takes all measures in line with environmental issues. Several aspects of functions are attributed to it according to the tendencies on the environment: the management of natural resources, their conservation, the ecological study, the protection of nature, climate change, and the management of waste and pollution. Being in this multidisciplinary field,

In particular, with regard to the protection and management of protected areas of natural resources and their development in terms of ecology, it aims to conserve the fauna and flora species of Madagascar, to carry out actions in the field of Environment, such as on re-greening projects, to draw up reports of activities on the environmental state, and to issue at the same time, actions to solve all environmental problems.


The sustainable management and conservation of our natural resources is essential. The objective is to reforest and cover 40,000 ha of surface per year with the mobilization of pupils and students, the use of new large-scale reforestation technologies.


The Ministry bases its action on the values ​​of fairness, rigor, responsibility, transparency, respect, and highlighting the creativity of staff.