Nature Data Alliance

A collaborative ambition to conserve and restore 4 billion hectares while respecting indigenous and local community rights.

Protecting nature requires collaboration, not competition. With the Nature Data Alliance, 100 nature data and technology companies come together under one ambitious goal – to protect and restore four billion hectares of landscapes and seascapes.

A data-driven, open-source digital ecosystem is urgently needed to measure, protect, and integrate nature in our economies. Alliance members will be building the hardware and software needed for it to materialize, so that nature-based solutions (NbS) can scale efficiently, effectively, and transparently.

Our 100 members have decades of experience in remote sensing, NbS project development and financing, conservation, restoration, agriculture, and carbon-offsetting infrastructures. Our AI systems will be able to define and prepare thousands of high-quality NbS projects ready for financing and implementation.

Our goal is to develop, finance, and monitor NbS projects that are to be implemented in close and respectful partnership with indigenous and local communities, small and medium-sized businesses, and local to regional governments. The lack of truly impactful and transparent projects (and corresponding standards) is one big challenge that we aim to address.