Nature Without Borders

NAWIBO is building the tools for self-organizing models of nature-backed socioeconomic Co-Ops to leapfrog & thrive on the frontier zones of forests.

We are a forest conservation project. For 16 years we have faced many frontline issues with people, pests, money hardships, internal strife, fires, & the myriad of nature's wildcards. Together, my father & I with 78 Maya Q'eqchi' families, protect over 3600 hectares of karstic rainforest in Guatemala. A mere fraction of a major water & wildlife corridor with 900 more families & 14,000+ ha of standing forest, encircled by ranch wastelands.

Seeing towards the people of Totonicapan as inspiration. 500+ years of stellar track record in preserving culture, economic & political independance with 22,000+ ha of communal old growth forests under care. To implement this ancient wisdom of organization as a DAO structure. And armed with tools of modern trade, data, finance, & control we seek to rebuild that self-organizing capacity among the stranded Q'eqchi' people. To release the tools that marginalized communities below the carbon markets can use to rise, with each other, & for each other.

Our community has trusted us for the last 9 years to litigate with a decaying nation state fighting for conservation program scraps. We grow older & cannot keep the corpos, hunters & raiders, corrupt police, or greedy people away from this jewel where the water runs so clear you can see your own soul. By abstracting ourselves & experience into code. Merging this context with milenia old wisdom from the Maya highlands. Still thriving despite centuries of repression imposed by religious zealots, conquistadors, corporate empires, intel-ops, and a genocidal military. None dare, police nor presidents pass through their lands uninvited. When they rise, they strangle the Capital's "might" by the hands of silence & tranquil presence at the very doors of congress. True power. To be seeded

We are blurring the lines of power and access between poor indigeneous groups, project developers, and capital markets. There are a thousand mouths to feed in climate finance. What's needed is ten thousand hands, to see a hundred thousand seeds blooming.