"A digital platform optimized for construction professionals will be a game changer. All construction-related companies face similar problems today. Not only the lack of skilled labor but also the requirement of processes and teams that interdigitate without losing data or information. With such a platform, rooftop construction gets cheaper and faster, and the outcome is much better. If such a marketing message can be translated into reality, RoofUz can become a German-wide and global brand for roof-heightening projects. Furthermore, RoofUz will eventually be the provider for larger construction projects (>1000 m2).

Why/how are we different/better?

"There is no digital-first-construction company focusing on roof heightening only.
There is no digital platform that streamlines the planning and construction processes and eliminates misplanning, miscommunication, and other time-consuming and frustrating experiences.
RoofUz can make a difference, as more efficient solutions are needed. The most critical piece in the value chain became the construction companies. RoofUz will be designed to support and enable the existing structure of architects, planners, and construction teams to build cheaper, with better results and better user experiences, not only for the builder-owner but also for all the involved construction professionals."

Based on our experience and understanding of the construction industry, it may need help to adapt and keep pace with the necessary transformation speed. Therefore, we see the construction industry as an ideal industry for platform models. By prioritizing workers and planners as critical stakeholders on a platform, the industry can achieve a faster transformation towards real sustainability, affordability (for everyone to buy and live), and speed (to solve the housing crisis and create next-level cities). Furthermore, we believe that regenerative practices are even more crucial than just sustainable practices, as regenerative practices aim to restore and revitalize ecosystems rather than maintain their current state. This is why our platform model incorporates regenerative practices as a core element to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all."

Key facts

  • Founding year: 2023
  • Founding stage: Seed Stage
  • Field of application: Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Approach of your solution: BioTech und Bio√∂konomie