Reflorestar Portugal has been operating since 2017 on the ground to promote the Regeneration of nature and rural communities. Our strategy has been based in two pillars: Social & Ecological.
On the social end, we promote trainings, workshops, national gatherings and participation on awareness events.
On the ecological end we do research on natural accelerated techniques for ecological restoration, always integrating the Human Being as part of the ecosystems. As such, we focus on Agroforestry and biodiverse forestry that promote Human presence by creating yeld.

To carry out our educational activities and implementations in the field, Reflorestar Portugal is based on the latest scientific knowledge that places forests at the center of climate regulation, Water cycles and CO2 capture.

With partners from the north to the south of the country, Reflorestar Portugal has been training regeneration agents to multiply and accelerate the restoration of degraded areas, with a special focus on soil recovery, the water cycle and biodiversity. Since inception we have been investing on creating a strong and wide network, nationally and internationally (i.e California, Brazil, Italy, Australia).

Biomimecry, Succession Agroforestry, Accelerated Natural Regeneration, Agroecology, Syntropic Agriculture and Permaculture are the technical pillars of our work on all levels. Our mentors include experts as Ernst Gotsch, Patricia Vaz or Elaine Ingham.

Reflorestar Portugal focuses on restoring the water and climate balance through the regeneration of ecosystems, through the planting of biodiverse and resilient forests, the restoration of soil microbiology in order to directly impact the water cycle and promote greater capture of CO2 from the atmosphere.
All of these factors promote increased quality and area of ​​natural habitats for wildlife and the health, resilience and well-being of human communities.