Society of Nature Healers, Conservators and Local Tourism Development

SNHC India with registered name Society of Nature Healers, Conservators and Local Tourism Development is Social Non Profit Organization founded in Year 2019 in capital city of Bhopal with a vision of healing Mother Nature in natural and effective ways and conserving its beauty, the beautiful species of birds and animals, stunning and wide varieties of plants also the conservation and promotion of heritage properties which is handed over to us from our ancestors through generations as mandate.

We are bound to act wisely and sincerely to save plants, animals, birds and heritage to sustain the mankind on earth; moreover many species of plants, animals and Birds are now history and left are in queue. With specialized knowledge and the commitment of all India networks of volunteers and supporters we are well trying to make better future for animals, birds and the Mother Nature.

Our vision is to educate everyone young or old the value of Nature and why it is necessary to conserve the same. We took a lot of steps for the same like field inspection promotion, web i.e. online promotion. We wish to see people caring for the Mother Nature in their simple ways. We know now it’s an impossible task to see the earth in same as it was 100 years back but can maintain so that it could remain same for our ‘Future Generation’.

Our mission is to gather enthusiastic people for this sacred work and ask them to do the same to make the chain of people who wish to work for the healing of Mother Nature and conservation of its being though physical activities, economical activities or promotional activities. We would like to spread this mantra of “Save Nature Save Future” to every class and club of people.

A small step of some people will give and show a great difference in Nature and society. It is our duty and natural responsibility also to replenish and maintain the Nature in natural way.