SOS Biodiversity

SOS Biodiversity is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization (NGO) created on September 18, 2016 by young Beninese. SOS Biodiversity is reflected as a space for exchange and reflection around the major challenges of the planet, such as climate change, deforestation, food security, etc. SOS Biodiversity counts among its members experts in several disciplines (plant ecology and forest, marine and inland water ecology, wildlife, agricultural diversity, etc.) and field (plant production, animal production, forestry and rural sociology, environmental law, etc.).

Vision and Mission
Vision: Conserve biodiversity in the context of climate change
Mission: Carry out actions for the management and sustainable conservation of inclusive biodiversity of the different layers of society, especially young people and women.

The general objective of SOS Biodiversity is to protect the environment, sustainably manage biodiversity and enhance biological diversity in Benin.

Carry out scientific research in order to contribute to the improvement of knowledge on biodiversity (agricultural, forestry, etc.)
Maintain food security through the conservation and enhancement of wild forest species and endogenous agricultural varieties
Restore, create and sustainably manage protected areas
Train, educate and inform populations on issues relating to environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources

Areas of intervention
Conservation of endangered species
Sustainable management of natural resources
Promotion of wild forest species and endogenous agricultural varieties
Fight against climate change and desertification
Education and capacity building of young people
Awareness of different social strata