Stable Planet Alliance

Shifting conversations and policies on overshoot, human numbers, appetites, and mindsets

Stable Planet Alliance is an expanding coalition of aligned organizations and individuals who care deeply about our future. We are dedicated to creating large-scale social change to reduce human impacts on our exquisite planet.

We first convened in late 2021. Alliance members were deeply impatient with the silencing discourse on ecological overshoot, population and consumption. We still are!

Our focus is on affecting public mindsets. We recognize that no one organization can have the necessary influence on its own. It will take a multitude of us working to a common purpose.

Our goal is to inspire mainstream commitment to create a compassionate ecologically sustainable society. Communicating to affect how people think (along with feeling) is the key. Allied organizations can contribute to this while passionately pursuing their primary missions.

Stable Planet Alliance is non-hierarchical. We have a core team that provides administrative support and thought leadership. We regard our colleagues – both organizations and individuals – as sensible, responsible and creative, so we do not attempt to control what our colleagues do.