TBN Atlantic Rainforest

TBN Atlantic Rainforest offers clients ultra high quality, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects in south eastern Brazil.

We will purchase degraded farmland in the Atlantic Forest biome and implement a high diversity reforestation project, restoring the land to its original state, whilst removing significant quantities of carbon dioxide.
We will develop a tailored rainforest project offering full control and transparency, which can be named after your organisation and provide significant ESG reporting benefits conveying your commitments to undertake the highest quality CDR projects available whilst securing fixed price carbon for the coming years.

The key benefits of our proposal are:

Secure carbon pipeline:

We will work with you to deliver your own exclusive project(s) offering unparalleled transparency and control and securing a carbon pipeline for up to 30 years and beyond. Carbon credits will be fully certified by rating agencies (Verra, Gold).

Fixed price supply:

Our project pricing model is on a cost-plus basis with full transparency. The carbon price can be fixed upfront for delivery of yearly tonnage for projects of up to 30 years. A strong hedge against market fluctuations allowing companies to securely budget for their carbon needs.

Countering greenwashing:

By designing the project in collaboration with you, partnering with leading local NGOs, communities and educational establishments, with a very strong and verifiable narrative on additionality, leakage, permanence, double counting and following international standards and best practices (including independent third party agency carbon credit issue) we can reduce to an absolute minimum accusations of greenwashing now and ensure flexibility to stay ahead of the ESG / regulatory curve considering the rapidly developing regulatory and societal landscape.

Multiple co-benefits:

We will be restoring native rainforest in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots with multiple additional benefits for ecology, biodiversity, local climate, water course restoration and water quality, pollination, and local community livelihoods and aligned with multiple UN SDGs.


There are currently millions of hectares available in the Atlantic Rainforest biome at globally competitive prices. Depending on client requirements, we can rapidly commence a number of projects over the coming years in order to have restoration and carbon sequestration at scale by 2025 and continue to and beyond 2030.

Organisational structure and team:

The TBN organization structure complies with local legal requirements for rural land ownership.
The management team is led by two executives with long experience of operating in international and Brazilian markets.
The Brazilian project leadership team is led by two highly qualified reforestation with proven ability to deliver similar projects.