Fairventures Digital GmbH

TREEO empowers tree growers to supply high-quality carbon dioxide removals (CDR) at scale and helps them capitalize on their carbon equity. Our balancers (companies on the path to net zero) contribute to the climate financing of nature-based solutions, while tree growers collect monitoring data from every single tree through the TREEO Technology.

The TREEO App calculates the biomass and carbon stored by each tree through image processing and machine learning for each species with a 95% accuracy. Combined with enhanced satellite data, TREEO ensures verified carbon removals. This directly involves and benefits the farmers, provides data-based advice, and a traceable impact of long-term reforestation projects that guarantee accurate and transparent carbon removals for companies.

TREEO also enables tree growers to see the impact and value of their efforts and helps them enter directly into the carbon market. Therefore, TREEO not only helps companies to move towards their net-zero goals but also supports the growers’ livelihoods. This empowers local communities to regenerate the Earth while generating new revenue, as we continue our mission to collectively mitigate climate change!

TREEO is offered by Fairventures Digital GmbH, a Climate-Tech start-up in Stuttgart, Germany with offices in Kampala, Uganda, and Bali, Indonesia.