Ubá Sustainability Institute

The Institute is a start-up created in 2020 to catalyze sustainability in its broad sense, considering the environmental, economic, and social impacts of our actions.

We are specialized in the design and implementation of climate finance and Payments for Ecosystems Services (PES) mechanisms worldwide. Ubá experts have certified 15 carbon projects and facilitated the sales of more than 4 M tons of CO2e. Activities focus on sustainable land use and landscapes projects, like agroforestry, forest restoration (A/R), forest conservation (REDD+), mangroves, and coastal protection (blue carbon).

Although young, our organization relies on the near 20 years of background experience from its founders and the will to make a change bringing transparency and benefit-sharing to carbon markets. Our work is to build projects from empirical knowledge together with corporates and grassroots organizations, creating the bridges to a successful fair, and sustainable journey.

Our activities are based on three pillars: partnerships & project development, assets management, advisory services & training.