Wild Wonders of Europe


Wild Wonders of Europe is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of Europe with the 800 million Europeans and the World! Many Europeans seem to know much more about nature in Africa or America, than about nature on our own doorsteps. We humans tend to care only about things we love. But how are we supposed to care about places and species that we have never seen or heard about?

Therefore, we want to place Europe’s stunning biodiversity at center stage. Using amazing, emotionally powerful images, in order to restart the love affair between us (yes, that includes you!) and the exciting variety of life in our continent.

Wild Wonders of Europe celebrates the many conservation success stories. Did you know that Europe has the World’s largest network of nature reserves, called Natura 2000? And that there is a major wildlife comeback happening here, that very few people seem aware of?

Our overall message is positive and inspirational: Yes, enjoy our fantastic natural heritage! Nature conservation actually works! We just need much more of it! Whilst at the same time we of course also highlight some of the many areas of concern.

Wild Wonders of Europe assigned 69 of the continent’s most talented and committed nature photographers, on a great Quest to conduct 157 photographic missions across every single one of the 48 European countries.

After more than 1600 days in the field we can now present an archive of some 220 000 breathtaking images and hours of high-quality video footage. This is the most up-to-date, cohesive, emotionally visual documentation of Europe's natural heritage.

Wild Wonders of Europe is simply the largest conservation communication initiative in the world.