Wild Wonders of China

Wild Wonders of China is a Chinese and International initiative to showcase the amazing Chinese natural treasures to the world. We bring you visuals from the wild side of the Chinese heritage, with fascinating wildlife and spectacular places, that most people don’t even know exist.

Our goal is to use the emotional power of great photography and filmmaking, to inspire wide audiences worldwide with the beauty of the Wild Wonders of China. Put simply, it’s about nurturing a love affair with the very rich and attractive Chinese natural heritage, which is still today one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. We celebrate what is still out there, why it matters to us all, and why we need to enjoy it and to take good care of it. We also want to show that nature conservation really works, highlighting the many little-known Chinese conservation success stories and the great people behind them, while at the same time showing the unique habitats and species that still deserve more protection.

How are people to be expected to care for something they don’t even know exists or haven’t ever seen?
We want the whole world to connect to the stunning Chinese landscapes of today and their splendid biodiversity. It is an initiative of truly epic proportions—aiming to become the largest visually-based conservation communication project the world has ever seen.

We proudly invite you, your organization, or your company to support the Wild Wonders of China and become one of our partners.